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Wrote a letter to Joanne Froggatt… And she answered!!!


Remember all the S4 interviews Joanne Froggatt had to do about Anna’s rape storyline last year? She always did a wonderful job explaining Anna’s silence and the social context. But she always ended these interviews with something along the lines of “Thank God we’ve moved on so much from that.”

This bothered me. She is right of course. I can’t even imagine the atrocities victims faced then. Did you know they used to institutionalize “tainted” women and young girls (yes, I mean rape victims) because they were forever unemployable and unmarryable? Because of course it was entirely the girls’ fault, even at age 12. Atrocious!!! So truly, I am appreciative of the time we live in.

But the comments (unintentionally) made it sound as though we don’t need improvement, that we live in a perfect society where victims are rallied around, believed, supported, and receive justice. This DOES happen, but I feel it’s still somewhat rare. And it’s important not to imply otherwise. I felt her comments really minimized what survivors still have to go through, and strangely, by her saying things are so good now, I felt she was denying and minimizing what happened to me – saying it wasn’t even possible.

So, I wrote her a very kind letter. After all, Jo was only meaning to educate us on the past, and it’s not her job to be an advocate. She’s probably never dealt with this in her personal life, and I truly hope she never has to. So I praised her acting, intelligence, the amount of devotion she gave the story, and patience with tough questions. I talked about understanding that interviews must move quickly and not everything can be said. And then I told her my own modernstory and explained the idea that despite great improvements, some of us are still stuck in Anna’s world, unbelieved and unsupported by those closest to us, much less the justice system, that victim shaming and blaming are still very real and common modern occurrences.  (all without implying that she’s said otherwise. I’m very skilled at this technique.)

And she wrote back!! Handwritten I might add! But what’s even better, is Jo did an interview on July 10th (2 days after her letter to me was postmarked). And in it she’s of course got to answer the rape questions again. But this time, she ends…

“… since the storyline aired, I’ve received messages from women that have been through similar experiences to Anna in their own lives, and the majority of the letters I received, women said they still either felt unable to talk about what happened to them or at the time that they did feel confident enough to speak to somebody about what happened then they weren’t believed. That’s been an eye-opener for me as well because we all hope that we’ve come a long way since the 1920s and we have, we absolutely have, but we obviously have some ways to go as well.”

So… Woohoo!!! I was heard!!! Truly heard!!! And of course, mine may not have been the only letter stating such a thing. (However, noting the date… She was still answering the old way as recently as May, and I sent this in early June). And it wasn’t a fluke because she’s still doing it!!! Anytime she talks about women not being believed even today? That was my letter. So I choose to believe that what I had to say made a difference, a BIG difference. So yeah. I did that. That was me. (sorry for the really long, random story… just wanted to share)

Full interview here :


Anonymous asked
Do you ever wonder if Brendan and Jo get bored of working on the show? I guess I'm more worried about Brendan who seems totally uninterested when you look at his twitter.

I don’t know really. I’m bored at my job but no one seems worried about me ;)

It’s a big cast and they don’t do much per episode and the episodes take long to film. Maybe? I’m sure it’s more than just boredom. Its a good job, not looking for the next thing. They get attention and a good salary and award noms and trips and red carpets. I don’t think either are trapped so if they are bored and that outweighs the advantages, they should move on. 

I haven’t seen Jo complain but has she ever said anything negative to the press or on twitter?! (even when she should have like when they stuck her out in the press to defend series 4 alone!!)

Anonymous asked
I don't get how you can take two Emmy-nominated cast members (one of them a two-time nominee), and reduce their parts to almost nothing. I feel like love in the kitchen last series, and Baxley this series are receiving more attention. This ensemble used to be so well balanced. I now feel like the better they are at their roles, the less screen time they get.

Fellowes is led by his whimsy and nothing else I think. That kitchen mess was a waste of 4 characters and 2 seasons. The Anna story was never about Anna and here we go into a new season. The photos and articles are of Bates, maybe an inset of Anna. This is the healing they promised? Laying more worry and guilt and shame on Anna? And this year we repeat the Bates/Anna theme through Baxter/Molesley. Maybe we’ll get more balance later in the series but i doubt it. 

Check out a short interview with Joanne Froggatt from the 2014 Monte Carlo Television Festival! She talks about filming the Christmas specials and also her dance sequence in the Journey to the Highlands episode :) 
Audio interview (in English) here.

Check out a short interview with Joanne Froggatt from the 2014 Monte Carlo Television Festival! She talks about filming the Christmas specials and also her dance sequence in the Journey to the Highlands episode :) 

Audio interview (in English) here.

Anonymous asked
As long as JoFro and BC exit together, I will be happy. I will be curious to see how many original stars sign back on if there is a 7th Series. The show is limping along, and if it goes out with a fizzle, their non-DA prospects may also dim a little, too.

I agree. Do they don’t want to be the actors STILL on Downton as it’s run into the ground. It may always be a money maker but it’s not dazzling viewers or critics anymore. 

Anonymous asked
I can't see myself loving another television couple as I do Anna and Bates. That being said, I think BC and JoFro are amazing talents, and if they aren't getting great scripts from DA, i would rather they left so I can see them flex their skills in other venues.

Anna and Bates have always been my focus. I want the actors to be happy and I will always be their fan. I NEED Anna and Bates to end up happy though. I am ok with them leaving before DA ends if they leave together.  I may not ever see Anna or Bates again but I don’t want to watch Anna have an intimate tryst with a new man ala Mary or Bates like Branson to learn to go on without Anna.

nuttystrawberry asked
Never asked a question before, but I'm desperate! Is anyone else concerned by Brendan's tweets regarding Downton lately? Between not thinking it's his best work, saying he wouldn't live-tweet about "that show," and "forgetting" how much Bates was on this series (and cutting Bates' head off), he just doesn't seem to be very pro-Downton lately (not that I blame him in the least!). I guess I just don't want him unhappy enough to leave if Jo doesn't go, too. Am I worrying over nothing? Thanks!

Our Brendan has been known to be controversial on Twitter but it’s his outlet to do what he chooses with. He has been a bit snarky concerning DA but he’s so excited about his new projects, I think he wants the focus on that right now. He was at the press launch and as charming as ever about DA and everything else. He’s hinted at being booked until Dec 2015 which coincides with the end of Season 6 air dates. 

He may not hold the opinion of DA he once did or he at least is not holding back sharing it but I’m guessing Jo and Brendan know exactly when they are done with DA.

Anonymous asked
I just had a flash across my mind of the scene where Bates tells Anna he booked the registrar. The look on her face is so picture perfect -truly the sweetest expression I've ever seen on camera. I miss that. And now I'm crying. Since you cry over them, I thought I could share with you.



I’m not crying you’re crying