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'Downton Abbey' Maid Sarah O'Brien Won't Return For Series 4, Actress Siobhan Finneran Confirms


"I’m not doing any more," she revealed. "O’Brien is a thoroughly despicable human being - that was great to play."

During her time in the show she has been involved in a bitter feud with under-butler Thomas Barrow, as well as causing Cora Crawley to miscarry.

A spokeswoman for Downton confirmed O’Brien would not feature in the fourth series, but it is understood the door could be left open for a return.

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    Wow this is seriously depressing. I mean, I’ll probably keep watching since there are other characters I care about...
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    You know, this is gonna sound crazy but I always thought Sarah O’Brien was really Thomas Barrow’s mother and they would...
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    Seriously this feels left field for me because I honestly did not see it coming from Siobhan Finneran. I kinda felt the...
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    I bet O’Brien leaves Cora for Susan. There was that bit in the CS about not letting loyalty to Other Evil Maid hold her...
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    It is everywhere. HuffPost, E Online, Mirror and many more.
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    Isn’t this the same paper that reported that Tom Ellis was going to be Lady Mary’s love interest & that turned out to be...
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    So it has come to this. I might not even bother watching Season 4 altogether. It’s only going to keep spiralling down...
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